Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick Fix

I admit it. The historical pan was a rough job. For both layout class and digital painting.
Painted this monster in one night or about 10 hours. Nothing spectacular but hopefully alright with the time allotted. I'm not even going to upload line art because it was just so terrible.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rant, Links and Concept Art of Tron: Legacy

I'm just here taking a break from my digital painting assignment and writing down why I've been in such a Tron craze for the past while. A random rant if you will.

The two reasons of my Tron fever? The fans and what it has inspired.

It's obvious that the story falls flat and is ridden with plot holes. Not a big contender there but somehow, it's gathered a very dedicated and intelligent fan base. They've picked up the mess that the writers left and added more. I admit that I read fan-made stories based off the movie before watching it and I think that's why I enjoyed it a lot more than expected. They drew my attention to the viral campaigns like Flynn Lives and wrote heaps studies diving into characters personalities. From there, I watched Tron: Legacy with waves of back stories, speculations and connections to plot points that the film failed to address.
Some fans have even written "sequels" that are so thrilling, emotional and clever that they blow the original material out of the water.
A great example would be Nan00k's Outer Limits (If anyone's up for a little read) which took Sam's comment on wifi in the film and just ran with it. Miles and miles with it. And it's not even done yet.
tl:dr? Fans do more homework than the film's writers. 'Nuff said.

It also inspired so many people ranging from artists, architects, engineers, designers and etc, etc.
The fan-made art for Tron is great. People have "Tron-ified" existing characters, original characters, themselves, and just plain awesome fanart.
Also, it's inspired an interactive skateboard ramp, a board game, fashion, costumes, a hotel room, skatecycle, Nerf gun mods and more.

Well, its visual style is minimalism with a side order of glowing lines but I believe it's become an icon by publicizing the marriage of technology and art. Also, it's sleek, modern and shiny. Who doesn't like sleek, modern and shiny?

Other random shiny things:
Vera Wang's Deep Blue
Projection Mapping with Shoes

Also, the concept art of Tron:
Layout Concept by David Levy and Thierry Doizon
Character Concept by Steve Jung
Storyboards by Jerry Bingham

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Game Grid Baseball

Well this is a first.
Anyways, here's an animation that I had a lot of fun with. The assignment originally wanted to have a pitch and bat but I decided to go a little further with it and feed my current obsession with Tron: Legacy. Doing all the flips and smearing the lights was so time consuming but I enjoyed it all.