Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flowers in London

These were drawn when I was in London, Ontario for the day. I went there to see a show and ended up arriving 7 hours early. So, I decided to walk around and sketch the many flowers they had in the area.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bus Drawings - First Contact

First Contact by My Nguyen

Lately because of work and school, I've barely had enough time to just sit at a table and draw. So! I've been drawing a lot on buses nowadays. This is one example of my bus drawings. I basically tote around water brushes filled with inks and watercolours so that I can avoid using pots and ruining my traditional brushes.

Oh yes. And this person? Skrillex. Listen to his music. It's very fun.
This was inspired by one of his tweets saying he wants to chill with aliens and have a space rave.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Demo Reel

So! This is basically what I did in first year animation at Seneca. Yes yes, I know. This was waaaaay overdue.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Animate Your World

So after how many months of radio silence, here's a little thing I've done! Every year, the Seneca Animation program puts together an artbook to showcase the students' work. Also, there's a little contest to see who can get onto the cover. The lineart is done by David Quilao while I did the colouring. Part of me is happy with the result while the other is a little iffy. Felt a little rusty when I was colouring this thing.

When I first saw the lineart, I planned to shade it with simplistic cel cuts. As you can see, I sort of slid back into my usual feathery shading style. Admittedly, I had lots of fun playing with the reflected light off of the kitchen floors and the rim lighting.

Oh! The deadline for the cover contest has been extended so I might submit my original idea. The idea has two kids riding a flying pencil that's drawing their world. I really want to bring it to life since my original sketch emulates the quirky yet simplistic style of Tekkonkinkreet and Gorillaz.