Friday, July 1, 2011

Animate Your World

So after how many months of radio silence, here's a little thing I've done! Every year, the Seneca Animation program puts together an artbook to showcase the students' work. Also, there's a little contest to see who can get onto the cover. The lineart is done by David Quilao while I did the colouring. Part of me is happy with the result while the other is a little iffy. Felt a little rusty when I was colouring this thing.

When I first saw the lineart, I planned to shade it with simplistic cel cuts. As you can see, I sort of slid back into my usual feathery shading style. Admittedly, I had lots of fun playing with the reflected light off of the kitchen floors and the rim lighting.

Oh! The deadline for the cover contest has been extended so I might submit my original idea. The idea has two kids riding a flying pencil that's drawing their world. I really want to bring it to life since my original sketch emulates the quirky yet simplistic style of Tekkonkinkreet and Gorillaz.


  1. it looks AWESOME! thanks for colouring it :D

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